Auto-Mytika System

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  • Market research for Foreign Suppliers of Automation Brands (Vendor Sourcing).
  • Vendor screening against Risks of international trade and Compliance.
  • Negotiation and Contract with foreign supplier.
  • Product Sourcing and Purchasing with Advance payment on our Risk.
  • Import Clearance of Freely Allowed, Restricted goods with Payment of Duties, Taxes, Fine & Penalties Etc. ( Means we bear all Commercial Risks for our Customers).
  • Material Handling, Reconciliation, Quality Assurance, Storage and Warehousing, Inventory Management.
  • Supply to Customer on Demand. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction .
  • We source from domestic market on the factors such as “terms and conditions, commitments, Quality, Time effectiveness, Service level, genuineness, Compatibility with OEM and foreign suppliers”.

Key Features About Company

  • Strategic & In-depth Sourcing Considering Facts and figures, Govt. rules and regulations, Cost & Time Effectiveness, Sourcing which leads to satisfy customer requirement.
  • We do not deal in China Market, We feel the most of the products Imports from China are Dumped or Duplicated.
  • Quality, Customer satisfaction, Cost Effectiveness, Customer retention are our priorities.
  • We supply products with actual warranty.
  • We deal with Standard, Genuine, OEM Authorized, Govt. recognized & Ethical suppliers / Manufacturers only.
  • We are committed to Reconciliation of the products against technical specification and product condition, Hence we ensures that the product being supplied is Right mentioned in the contract. Else we bears the loss.
  • We do not Repair, We do not provide any technical service such as programming, implementation, Set-up, Software information. But we believe in supplying the product or Replacement Nearby the Repair Cost.

Our Benefits

  • Time and Cost Effectiveness.
  • Committed Delivery.
  • We bears Sourcing, Payment and Import Risks.
  • Quality products.
  • Flexible Payment and credit Terms.
  • We source obsolete products which are out of Production and even OEM is not supporting for them.
  • We bears the loss made by currency Fluctuation in Imports.