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Auto-Mytika System

We @ Auto-Mytika Systems believe in executing the plans that help us to meet customer requirement of Industrial Automation Parts and Hardware which are either obsolete or available in current product range.

Auto-Mytika Systems is a firm which started by Mr. Satish Kate & Mr. Shashikant Kate based on plans and skills and cooperation with the professionals having the expertise in an Automation field.

We believe in a Ethical business hence we have developed a transparent business model which is more compliant with all trade rules and regulations.

At present we have registered with Govt. of Maharashtra state (Sales Tax), Govt. of India for Central Sales Tax & Director general of foreign trade for the global trade transactions such as Imports-Exports of Goods which are required on timely basis.

Auto-Mytika Systems is a combination of products & services comes under below steam 1. Industrial Automation & Electronics 2. Mechanical 3. Electrical & Instrumentation Etc.

At present we are in our initial stage but at this stage we have earned the faith of around 10 Big manufacturer’s which are global companies by supplying them right products at right price in right time. We always try to reduce the productivity cost from the perspective of end customer. We believe in earning customer rather earning profit. We specialize in Sourcing of products which are an obsolete “May be manufactured 10-20 years back and now out of the production range”

We feel this is a hardcore requirement of Indian manufacturer and Exporter, Hence indirectly we support Indian OEM and exporter to export more which the backbone of an Indian Economy.

Why WE're Here

  • To help you with the Right Products and Solutions for your Automation Needs.
  • To share your risks OR to bear the risks on behalf of you involved in the Import transaction.
  • To source the Right Product from Right Supplier at Right Price in Right Time.
  • To find the obsolete items for you which are not supported by OEM but which a prior requirement of your business.

Our services & Specialties offers below advantages to our customer

  • We help Indian manufacturers and service providers to increase their Productivity, Service level efficiency, etc. directly or indirectly by supporting them in terms of supply of good quality Machinery Parts and Industrial hardware within a short period of time.
  • We are a dedicated team and believe in working on the fundamentals of customer satisfaction.
  • We are Pune based Firm with Skills and Expertise in Automation Industry having strong network and supplier based in Europe and America.
  • We have Specialized in Market Research, Supplier development, Purchase, Procurement and Supplies of Automation and Industrial Hardware Products with respect to Time, Cost, Quality, Trade Compliance, Accountability, Etc

Our Network.

  • We mainly Import obsolete / running products from the companies we have rated on the top in our vendor list. Most of the companies are located in USA & European Market. We feel the product offered by them are world class and supported with consistent warranty / guarantee.
  • Following are the countries where our standard vendors are located in.
  • 1. Germany 2. Netherland 3. Denmark 4. Poland 5. UK 6. France 7. Italy 8. USA 9. Taiwan 10. Japan 11. China
  • Many More…..